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Health & Wellness

We have partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to help guide your health and wellness journey through their LiVe Well program. Partnering with Intermountain Healthcare brings years of experience and resources to help you Be Well, Eat Well, Feel Well and Move Well. Health and wellness is important for everyone, from young children to seniors. This page will serve as a resource to help you live the healthiest life you can.

Dietician Preferred tag found in our stores

All of our locations have one dedicated checkout lane called 'LiVe Well Lane.'' This lane eliminates all of the standard temptations that are found in other lanes such as candy bars, chips and soda. Here, you will find healthier options such as beef jerky, protein bars, fruit and bottled water. Visit this lane with your kids to teach them about eating healthier.

Throughout the store, you will see various items identified with a Dietician Preferred tag. These tags help you find healthier options that typically contain 'less of' certain ingredients such as sugar, fat, calories and sodium. Use these tags to help guide you through the store to help make healthier choices.

All of our parking lots contain parking stalls labeled with the LiVe Well logo and “Park Further.” These parking stalls are located further from the store entrance, encouraging you to walk a little farther to stay active and healthy. Parking in these stalls has advantages, you could win a $20 store gift card.

Creating good habits is important at any age. From eating breakfast, fruits and veggies and drinking plenty of water to getting plenty of sleep and exercise. The links below can help you track and start changing your habits to continue living a healthier life.

Learn about 8 To Live By

8 To Live By Tracker

Feeling well can be impacted by many things. Positively by diet, exercise, healthy relationships and events or negatively through stress, depression, sleep deprivation or weight gain. The links below are helpful Intermountain LiVe Well resources if you suffer from anything that is negatively impacting your feeling well.

Along with proper diet, exercise not only helps you feel good physically but also helps mentally. Exercise helps relieve stress, helps you regain focus and gives you an energy boost. Visit the Intermountain LiVe Well page here to find more helpful tips on moving well.

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